It's almost mission impossible to keep a text conversation going for a long period of time without at least a few blips, dead-ends or periods of silence. As much as you're into the person you're texting and want to talk to them more, sometimes you need a few tricks to revive a dying chat and breathe new life into your thread. Take note of the 7 tips below and resuscitate your lackluster conversations with ease!

Texting with someone you really like is super exciting at first. You’ve both got lots to chat about, and it seems as though you’ll have to think about how to keep a text conversation going. You could probably text back and forth forever and ever, right?

Eventually, though, text conversations peter out, fade away – and die. It’s natural, and it happens to everyone at some point. The problem is not that it will die out eventually – the problem is learning how to revive it, and keep your conversation going strong!

We’ve all been there before; the longer the silence lasts, the more you worry that you’ve both completely run out of things to say.

“Is it over? Do we literally have nothing to talk about anymore? like, NADA?”

It can make even a pro a little anxious, but the harsh truth is that nobody ever really runs out of things to talk about. There are innumerable topics of conversation to draw upon; there is always something to bring up. So, let’s dive into some tried and tested techniques for reviving flagging conversations.

1. Resume The Last Topic Of Conversation

This is probably the best (and easiest) thing you can do if a conversation looks as though it’s flat-lining. Instead of scrambling around for a new topic and saying something lame, just take another look at the last topic you guys discussed and bring up a fresh point.

For example, if you were talking about your guy visiting his best friend, why not saying something like: “I forgot to ask, is your best friend single? I might have a friend…”

2. Ask An Interesting Question

Asking a question is a great way of breathing new life into a conversation, but it’s important that you ask the right type of question.

For example, asking a closed-ended question which invites a one-word answer could easily put you back at square one, fumbling around for a new subject.

To make this easier, come up with a list of potential open-ended questions to ask whenever a text conversation is dying. These don’t have to be terribly original, they just have to stimulate further conversation.

Ask, for instance: “What’s your favorite movie/book/sport?” or “Do you speak any foreign languages?”

3. Compliment Them

Everyone appreciates a compliment, and polite flattery is a sure-fire way to revive a conversation; the complimented party is obliged to reply, thanking you for your kind comment and probably reciprocating with a flattering remark of their own. It’s a win-win!

For example, compliment them on their bubbly personality the morning after a night of intense chatting. Let them know how much you enjoy their company…after all, they aren’t mind readers.

Another sneaky way to compliment someone without actually complimenting them? Why not tell them that you were thinking about them during the night – they invaded your thoughts.  It opens up a million new conversations – some a little more flirty than others 😉

4. Add Some Humor

Text conversations don’t last long if you’re discussing serious topics all the time. If you guys have been talking about negative things, it can put a real dampener on matters and the pair of you might decide that you need to take a break.

When you’re trying to figure out how to keep a text conversation going, remember that it’s important to use humor in your conversations. Humor entertains the other person, keeps things light and interesting, and gives you a much better chance of prolonging a conversation.

After all, when we’re having a good time (even via text), we’ll do anything to keep it going.

Try a cheeky comment or a funny reference to the last time you met. For example, if your date turned up dressed to the nines and looking incredible, your text next day might be: “You looked really beautiful/handsome last night, but come on, would you mind dressing up a bit more next time?” Add a winky face emoji if you’re worried they’ll take your teasing seriously!

Of course, being funny via text doesn’t come as naturally to us all. If you’re unsure how to be funny, there are a few things you can do.

For example, borrow one-liners from your favorite comedians or movies and drop them into your text. Even if they’ve heard it before, the object of your affection will appreciate your efforts to entertain them.

You could also borrow jokes from the Internet, but you should always, always refrain from vulgarity. It won’t be appreciated!

5. Do Something Interesting And Tell Them About It

Isn’t it frustrating when you ask someone what they’re up to and they respond with: “Not much”?

Lame. It doesn’t give you anything to work with, and it’s not a great strategy for how to keep a text conversation going.

To prevent you guys from having little to talk about when it comes to your own lives, why not step outside and do something interesting before returning and talking about it?

“I just got back from paint balling; my body is one huge bruise!” or “I just took my dog for a walk and saw the most incredible sunset!” will make you seem far more interesting and, more importantly, keep your conversation going.

6. Ask About Their Plans

So the conversation is dying. You’ve covered politics, sports and movies. Now what?

You could keep it simple and ask about them and what plans they’ve got for the rest of the day. This is a nice way of shifting the conversation from external issues to the person you’re talking to. It involves them more, shows that you’re interested, and revives a fading conversation.

Asking about their plans shows that you want to keep the conversation going, and it also gives you something to talk about later on tomorrow. For example: “So! How did it go?”

7. Show Them Something Interesting

This ditty has save my dying conversations many times in the past. If I sense that a conversation is coming to a premature end, I say: “I have to show you something!” Then I text a funny picture, an article or a new song I’m crazy about.

It totally revives the conversation and sends it spinning in a whole new direction. It’s so simple, but so effective!

When a conversation dries up it doesn’t automatically mean that you’re boring or incompatible or that you’ll never talk again. It can be worrying, but it’s a totally natural phenomenon. It happens to the best couples, the greatest friends and everyone else as well.

Now you know some great tricks to reroute dead-end discussions and breathe new life into fading text conversations, go forth and text without fear! Now you know how to keep a text conversation going like a pro!

Claudia Cox

Claudia Cox is a modern communication expert who gives singles and couples alike the tools they need to improve their relationships. She is the creator of The Text Weapon Texting Club, and the author of French Seduction Made Easy. She loves the outdoors, baking tasty treats for friends, and of course, texting.
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  1. Hi…i prosposed to this lady over whatsap text a month ago but haven’t still said anything yet though but we still keep in touch…what should i do next,any help?

    1. Hi Frankie,
      I wouldn’t have such a serious conversation over whats app…Have you spoken to her on the phone or seen her since? If not, I think that should be your next step. If you really like her, then tell her in person. I hope it works out!
      Bisous x

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