Texting is rapidly gaining ground as the most popular romantic communication channel for both couples and single daters alike. While texts are easy to send, they are not necessarily easy to write. Poorly thought out and poorly executed texts can wreak havoc on your love life. Send texts that make your partner smile, not scurry for the delete button. Read on for 10 texting mistakes that you should avoid at all costs if you want to keep your guy.

For many couples, text messages become the primary method of communication. Therefore, it should come as no surprise that guys today can be easily turned off by text mistakes.

So, ladies, beware: even a guy who really likes you could quickly lose interest because of poor texting. Don’t be that girl! Hone your skills and avoid these ten embarrassing text mistakes that could potentially turn him off. Text wisely to capture and keep his interest.

10 Text Mistakes You Need To Avoid

We have honed in on the top 10 preventable blunders that we have all been guilty of. If you do make one of these text mistakes, don’t beat yourself up. Pick yourself up and move on. Remember the golden rule: text with finesse to captivate and maintain his attention, ensuring your messages are little arrows of charm rather than blunders of indifference.

# 1: Impatiently Waiting For A Reply

It’s important to be patient during any text conversation. Some people assume that if they have time to send a text, then the recipient should make time to immediately respond. Twenty minutes after they press the send button (or sometimes, even sooner), they fire off a follow-up message: “Why didn’t you respond to my text??” This is a major mistake. Be patient. He will text you back when he has time, and if he doesn’t, then maybe he’s not worth your time.

 # 2: TMI

It’s a text, not a book. It’s never a good idea to tell him your entire life story in a single text. Keep your text messages short and interesting. Try to pack as much information into as few words as possible. It is definitely more difficult to write something concise than to ramble on and on. However, he will appreciate your extra effort.

If you’d like to share something with him that requires sending sixteen messages, call instead, or wait until you see him in person.

 # 3: XXX Text Mistakes

Sending photos of yourself can be very hot. Sending close-ups of your naked body might not be so hot. Sexually explicit does not always mean sexy. Why? Because even today, not all camera phones are sophisticated enough to capture your natural beauty.

Take a good look at any photos before you send them. Are they flattering? Even then, consider where you’re at in your relationship. Is he ready to see this much of you? Will he keep it private, or will he share it with his buddies?

Think before you sext. And never sext nudity if you’re under the age of 18!

# 4: Just Another Mundane Message

I’m referring to those text messages that make you roll your eyes. “I just got done flossing my teeth!” No one needs to know that but you. Texting is fun, but not everything that crosses your mind is worthy of a text message.

Avoid giving him updates on all your daily activities. He probably isn’t interested in your grocery shopping experience (unless he’s invited for dinner). Try to make your texts as interesting as you are!

# 5: The Fastest Text In The West

Texting isn’t a quick-draw competition, and you aren’t going to win any points for firing fast. In fact, it might make you seem too eager, or even desperate.

Instead of shooting back your reply in a nanosecond, stop and consider what you’d like to say. Let some time go by, and then respond. There is nothing wrong with waiting before you reply (unless it is something urgent). Don’t feel rushed. Let him sweat it out.

Text message mistakes

# 6: All Show, No Tell

Feeling good about how you look is healthy and sexy. If your hair is especially cute, or you’re wearing a nice outfit, then texting your guy a photo is a great idea (guys are very visual). However, don’t only send photos. Limit yourself to a few well chosen images per day.

When sending photos, change it up a bit, and send him a photo of a scenic view one time, and a photo of an interesting or funny image the next time. Supplement your photos with some personalized captions. A picture may be worth 1000 words, but don’t always rely on them to say it all.

 # 7: The Three-Word Wonder

When you’re in a hurry, it’s understandable to make your texts brief. However, there is such thing as too brief, too often. I’m sure you’ve had text conversations that go something like this: “What’s up?” “Not much.” “Where you at?” “The game.” “How is it?” “Disastrous.” “LMAO!”

These types of text exchanges don’t provide either party much value, and should rarely take place. On the other end of the spectrum, if he invests in writing a thoughtful text, then he will probably be offended if you respond with a simple “Uh huh” or “IDK.” Be reciprocal with your responses.

If he has obviously put a lot of time and thought into what he’s written, try to do the same when writing back.

# 8: The Forward Fanatic

You might think the jokes your girlfriends send you are hilarious, but that doesn’t mean he will. Avoid sending tons of joke messages or junk to a guy you’re interested in, or to your boyfriend.

Most people consider chain texts tacky, and that’s not the way you want to be perceived. A good rule of thumb is ‘No forwards.’ Every text should be a piece of you, not a piece of someone else.

Text Mistake # 9: Attack Of 1000 Texts

It is never a good idea to send more texts than you receive. Try not to make the mistake of over-texting. Over-texting is when you send multiple texts at once, and, if you don’t score a response, you go ahead and send a few more.

Most guys do not want to have their phone blowing up everywhere they go, and they’ll only get annoyed if you send them a barrage of texts. Text him, then wait for him to respond. Don’t forget mistake # 1.

# 10: What Does Eye Ned to Spel 4?

Texting is a reflection of your intelligence and your overall attractiveness, so always strive to make a good impression with every text you send. Use proper spelling and grammar, and avoid over-using text shorthand. Take a moment to check for text mistakes before hitting Send.

It’s also important to be careful with, and not overuse, acronyms. While ‘lol’ or ‘want to hang out 2nite?’ are fine, you may want to hold off writing, “NMHJC wha u doon 2nite?”

If all your messages seem like a puzzle, chances are, the fun of trying to decipher them will quickly wear off, and he’ll eventually lose interest (unless he loves acronyms, in which case you might have found your dream match).

Text Mistakes Round Up

Don’t forget to be playful! Remember, texting should be fun. Next time you’re texting your guy, remember to avoid these ten text mistakes, and you will already be ahead of the crowd. Texting is a convenient, fun, and creative form of communication. If you’re a skilled texter, then you can turn mundane texts into little missiles of seduction.

Remember, texting should be fun. If you aren’t having fun texting your partner, then maybe it’s time to find a new partner….

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