Between unlimited cell phone plans and instant messaging, you are probably texting up a storm. But, are you leveraging these little gems to your full advantage? Curious to learn what flirty texting can do for you? Read on to learn seven reasons why you should give it a whirl. After all, what do you have to lose?

Why is it that so many new couples seem to be flirty texting each other incessantly, while some of the more seasoned couples hardly ever text each other at all? And when they do, it’s just mundane messages, such as “did you take out the trash this morning?”

Don’t let your relationship suffer from stale texting. It’s time to spice things up and keep the magic alive. Ready to become one of those flirty couples that always seems to be having fun?

Enhanced Communication

What is flirty texting? Flirty texting is showing your creative, playful side. It’s using spicy text messages to connect with your partner. But aren’t couples already super-connected? The surprising answer is, no. Many couples are craving (and in desperate need) of a deeper connection.

Read on to discover seven reasons why adding some good old fashioned text flirting into your routine could be the game-changer your relationship needs.

1. You NEED to talk to each other.

In a world buzzing with notifications, meaningful conversations often take a backseat. Despite the constant connectivity, many couples find themselves complaining about lack of communication and longing for deeper connections.

With busy schedules, commuting, and tight finances, most couples don’t go out as much as before. Instead, they find themselves with their backs to one another and their faces glued to a screen every night. They may be close to each other physically, but they are miles apart in terms of an emotional connection.

Text flirting can help freshen up a boring relationship, and even deepen the feeling of closeness between partners. It isn’t just about exchanging words. It’s about making your partner feel desired, valued and important.

2. Electronic communication is legit.

In the past, online dating and chatting had a reputation of being strictly reserved for nerds – but times have changed. Now, it’s considered mainstream as our society migrates further and further into cyberspace.

People are not just at ease with texting, they expect it. For many, a lack of texting can be seen as a lack of caring. Your texting etiquette can make your partner swoon, or get you kicked out the door. While it might not seem mission critical, it is very important to know and respect your partner’s texting preferences. Not just their level of comfort when it comes to flirting, but also how often they like to be texted, their pet peeves, etc.

3. Flirty couples show vulnerability.

Flirty texting isn’t just about playful banter; it’s a gateway to honest conversations that strengthen your bond. The dynamics of a conversation often change depending on the mode of communication. So, if you’re too timid to tell your partner face to face what really turns you on, try slowly moving the conversation to text.

Why does this work? Because it’s much easier to type something into your phone than it is to look someone in the eyes and say the same thing.

Discussing touchy subjects via text also gives you time to prepare, so you have a better chance of finding the right words. For example: “I love the way you kiss the back of my neck as I’m getting ready for bed, it really turns me on…” or, “When you get home I want you to take my hand, lead me into the bedroom and…”

Text Flirting Tips

As soon as you send a text like that, you are building anticipation. By stoking desire through text, you enhance your physical connection, leading to even better sex…

4. Take your conversation anywhere.

Whether you’re jet-setting across the globe or stuck in back-to-back meetings, flirty texting offers a convenient way to keep the flame burning no matter where you are. Sending a quick message to your partner while running errands or conquering deadlines at work is as easy as tapping a few keys. Just make sure to prioritize your privacy, especially when texting in public or sensitive environments.

To add a dash of spontaneity, you can prepare cute or tantalizing messages in advance. Store them in your draft folder for those moments when you find yourself in the checkout line or taking a coffee break. With your messages ready to go, you can effortlessly inject excitement into your day with just a few clicks.

5. It’s fun

Flirty texting isn’t just communication—it’s a spicy adventure shared exclusively between you and your partner. From playful banter to inside jokes, every message becomes a secret rendezvous in the digital realm. This sense of exclusivity adds an intimate layer to your connection, leaving others curious about the source of your perpetual smiles.

In a world of mundane conversations, flirty texting transforms your relationship into a private playground where pleasure knows no bounds.

6. Flirty texting ignites passion.

Are you miles apart? Why not text your partner to let them how much you miss their lips or body? For example, tell your partner how excited you are to see them, what you’re planning on wearing, and maybe even send them some flirty photos.

Before you get too carried away, keep in mind that it’s always a good idea to keep the sexiness in check if you are just getting to know each other. Tease your partner and make them want to see more.

Distance may separate you physically, but with flirty texting, you can bridge the gap and keep the passion ablaze. Trust me, it is a great way to keep boredom away. Let your partner know that no matter how far apart you may be they are your person.

Surprise them with a text letting them know how much you miss the touch of their lips or the warmth of their body next to yours. Share your excitement about upcoming reunions, and take it a spicy notch further by teasing them with hints of what’s to come.

Just make sure you tread carefully, especially in new relationships. Get a read on their comfort level. Then, keep the allure alive by leaving them craving more, building anticipation with each message.

7. If you’re texting your partner, you aren’t texting anyone else.

When you’re engrossed in a flirty text exchange with your partner, your attention is solely focused on nurturing your relationship. While texting can be a great means of communication for couples, it also has a bad reputation for being a tool for infidelity. Studies have shown that text messages are a cheaters best friend. If your partner is engaged in a flirty text conversation with you, then hopefully they’ll be less tempted to text anyone else.

By investing time and energy into your relationship through these exchanges, you create a virtual sanctuary where temptation loses its allure.

The playful banter and heartfelt conversations with your partner reinforce the exclusivity and trust that define your relationship.

Take The Plunge And Become A Flirty Texting Couple

Sending flirty, creative, or spicy text messages is an excellent habit for any couple to get into, whether the romance is just blossoming or it’s a solid, long-term relationship. If you’re interested in learning how to send texts that differentiate you, keep you on your partner’s radar, and are actually fun, then check out my eBook French Seduction Made Easy. It’s a unique program with the “French Touch” that will teach you the art of seducing your sweetie via text. Don’t send even one more mundane text.

Claudia Cox

Claudia Cox is a modern communication expert who gives singles and couples alike the tools they need to improve their relationships. She is the creator of The Text Weapon Texting Club, and the author of French Seduction Made Easy. She loves the outdoors, baking tasty treats for friends, and of course, texting.
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