Long distance relationship problems. What to look out for. Think about every long-term relationship you’ve ever had and what happened when it began to slip. Think about why it felt wrong at the time. Think about what hurt the most. Was it something that your partner did that made you feel taken for granted, frustrated, or jealous? Or maybe it was something that your partner didn’t do? Was it a lack of sex?…Or allegations of sex with someone else? Was it an overall feeling of boredom and hopelessness when you tried to picture a long-term relationship with that person?

  1. What was that one single thing that you just couldn’t get past? At the root of all these long distance relationship problems are questions, feelings, and answers. Specifically, two main drivers: boundaries and communication.

When you have effectively communicated firm boundaries with your partner, everyone is on the same page. In other words, you know each other’s expectations. There is no frustration, perceptions of being used, misunderstandings, or feelings of being taken for granted.

Long Distance Relationship Problems – The Benefits Of Boundaries

By setting boundaries, YOU have actively decided how you expect to be treated, and what the consequences are if these boundaries are not respected. Likewise, you know exactly how far you can push that line with your partner.

Open Communication – Even For Tough Topics

The same applies to communication. If you have open communication, you are able to tell your partner when they have crossed one of these lines in a non-aggressive, rational, and civil way – a problem solving way.

You, in turn, respect their criticism and don’t blow things out of proportion when the tables are turned.

Avoiding The “Blame Game”

Good communicators don’t point fingers or provoke a war of the words. They communicate in such a way that the other person feels like they are being respected and encouraged to do better. To sum up, they don’t put the other person down or try to make them feel inferior. This is one way to avoid long distance relationship problems.

Understanding The Secret Formula

Successful long distance relationships are based on setting up these boundaries and vocalizing issues.

In order to avoid long distance relationship problems with someone, it’s important to have these conversations on a daily basis. Otherwise, feelings of frustration or annoyance build up and up. Under those circumstances you find yourself pushed to throw in the towel, cheat or simply check out emotionally.

Letting Them Know When You’re Upset

Remember, just because you are close doesn’t mean that you have to put up with habits and actions that frustrate and annoy you. Approach these issues in an open, respectful manner, and the problem can be resolved.

– For example, if it annoys you when people speak unnecessarily loudly, and your partner has one of “those voices”, instead of gritting your teeth whenever they open their mouth, talk to them.

– Likewise, if you don’t like to receive phone calls during working hours because it stresses you out, suggest that they call you at lunchtime or send you a text message during the day.

– And finally, if your partner’s “humorous” jabs about your friends, family, weight or job hurt your feelings, let them know.

Avoiding Long Distance Relationship Problems And Making Your Relationship Stronger

If your lines of communication are open, and both of you respect each other, telling these truths will only make your relationship stronger.

Now the fun part! Use communication to not only keep your long distance relationships in check, but also to add a little spice. Communication shouldn’t just be about staying on the same page, it should also be about having fun.

Text Treats

With this in mind, every now and then, take an extra few minutes out of your day to surprise you partner with a little “text treat”. For example, send your partner one of these flirty text for long distance relationship:

1. Thinking of you text message:

Feel free to personalize these messages with your own unique touch to
make them more meaningful to your relationship. Remember, the goal is to
let your partner know that they’re cherished and always in your
thoughts, no matter the distance between you.

“Just drove by your favorite restaurant. How about I book a table for Friday night? :)”

“I may not be able to hold you right now, but you’re always in my heart. Counting down the days until we’re together again.”

“Just wanted you to know that I’m thinking of you and missing you like crazy.”

“Just wanted to let you know that you’re always on my mind. Sending you lots of love and virtual hugs

2. Random compliment

Distance can sometimes amplify insecurities and doubts. Random
compliments help to counteract these negative feelings and reassure your
partner that they are desired, loved, and valued.
Remember, genuine and specific compliments are more impactful than
generic ones so make sure to tailor your compliments to your partner’s unique qualities.

“Your legs looked so sexy in your new heels last night”


“those long hours at the gym have paid off…hello bulging biceps”

What Makes Or Breaks Long Distance Relationships?

Two words: Communication. Boundaries.

And more often then not, you can’t have one without the other.

If you want to keep your relationship fun, loving and drama free, make sure that you understand and respect each other’s boundaries and you keep the communication flowing freely.

Speak Up!

In summary, don’t be afraid to verbalize your wants, needs, and desires. Sometimes, the only thing that stops you from getting what you want is the fact that you never asked for it.

And don’t forget to use communication for some flirty fun – send him or her a little text treat from time to time. You’d be amazed at what a few cleverly crafted text messages can do for your long distance relationships…

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