Starting a long distance relationship can be tough — since many romantic relationships are founded upon closeness and intimacy, it’s incredibly difficult to maintain a relationship when you and your significant other are literally far apart.

Luckily, texting, instant messaging, and the Internet have made it a lot easier to keep in touch with your partner when starting a long-distance relationship. That being said, it’s hard to express true love and affection over iMessage – things can get stale really fast. Here are a few tips to let your partner know that you’re thinking of them over text!

How To Get Off On The Right Foot When Starting A Long Distance Relationship

1. Remember Important Events

When you live in the same house, town, or city, it’s much easier to keep track of the “goings-on” in their life. When you’re apart, you need to work at it.

Do they have a big presentation at work today? Send a quick text wishing them luck in the morning!

Did they just finish their first 5K? Message them to find out how it went!

Remembering these events can go a long way. These little reminders add up quickly.

2. Share The Small Things

Second, don’t forget the small things. Although it’s absolutely important to remember the big events, the foundation of strong relationships is built upon sharing the small details that make up your everyday lives. When starting a long distance relationship via text, take time to send:

  • an aesthetically pleasing picture of your morning latte
  • an adorable dog you saw on your way to work
  • the sunset from your balcony
  • your car covered in morning snow
  • the new way you arranged your furniture
  • or the food blog-worthy pasta you’re cooking for dinner

These are all great opportunities to show your significant other that you’re thinking of them during the small, mundane snippets of your day, not just when you speak or text.

3. Text Good Morning and Good Night

Which brings me to the next tip: make them a priority by starting and ending the day with them in mind. Don’t be afraid to get creative and switch up your good morning and good night texts and even try adding some emojis. You could even come up with your own “emoji speak”. For example, pick out an emoji that represents you and one that represents your partner and use them consistently to tell your story. Or, create your own emoji sign off (like three kisses at the end of a conversation).

4. Make Them Laugh

Another key component in attraction and connection is laughter. One of the best things about scrolling through your Twitter or Instagram feed is stumbling upon ridiculous memes that make you laugh out loud. Remember the importance of being funny, and reacting when your partner is funny when starting a long distance relationship via text.

If you come across a meme or funny video that you think your significant other would get a kick out of, don’t be scared to text them a link or tag them in the comments. Just be careful not to spam them with memes — one or two a day is perfectly fine.  If you go overboard, say upwards of ten memes in the span of an hour it can get annoying.

5. Watch a Show Together

A fourth creative ideas is to watch a TV show together. Discussing shocking plot twists and crazy season finales is an easy way to bond and spend time with each other. Set up a viewing schedule so that neither one of you gets ahead of the other. Really get into it by texting each other your thoughts after you both finish an episode.

6. Share Your Plans for the Day

Long-distance relationships make it harder to feel like you’re a tangible part of your significant other’s life, and vice versa. An easy way to solve this sense of emotional distance is to share your plans with each other. If you’re feeling excited to see a movie or grab drinks with friends after work, text your significant other about it!

Even if your partner can’t physically be a part of these plans, it’s an easy and effective way to share the details of your life. It will help them feel like they’re still a part of your day.

Some Final Thoughts About Starting A Long Distance Relationship

Sometimes, texting can feel like an awkward and impersonal method of communication, even if you’re in a relationship with the person you’re texting. Hopefully, these quick and easy tips help you feel more confident in sharing your life and reaching out in a long-distance relationship.

Although distance is definitely an obstacle in maintaining a healthy romantic relationship,  long distance text flirting can go a long way in helping the two of you stay as close as ever, despite the physical distance between you!

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