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For Her For Him Texting Tips

Apology Text Messages: Three Strategies

Sending apology text messages requires a strategic approach. The content and tone of the text depends on both what you did wrong, and whom you’re dealing with. Some people respond …

Texting EtiquetteFor Her For Him Texting Tips

Texting Etiquette For Every Relationship

Like all other forms of manners, texting etiquette is dependent on who you’re interacting with. For example, during a face-to-face conversation, you would probably speak to your boss differently than …

Texting TipsFor Her For Him Texting Tips

Flirting By Text When You Know That You Shouldn’t

Almost everyone has been there before…playing around with the idea of flirting by text with Mr. or Miss bad news. In fact, you’re probably very familiar with the place. Allow …