Have you ever dreamed about traveling to Paris? What attractions would be on the top of your list? The Eiffel Tower? The Louvre? Or would it be something more unique? For example, a secret spot that is full of natural beauty, architectural grandeur, and artisanal wizardry? Read on to discover a hidden gem in the 12th arrondissement of Paris, and how you can bring some of the same Parisian romance to your next date.

Sitting high above the busy Avenue Daumensil in the 12th arrondissement of Paris (Bastille area) is a marvelous little “secret” garden walk called the “Promenade Plantée.” It is so hidden, in fact, that I only realized this little gem existed after living in an apartment located directly across the street from it for over five months.

Things To Do

For Parisians and tourists alike, this green area is a welcome escape from the crowded streets. It’s an ideal place to sit down with a sandwich and a cool drink to enjoy a few quiet moments with someone special. It is also a nice place to go jogging. While the path is not very long (only 4.7 km), it is vehicle-free. On a practical note, in order to prevent running through huge crowds, I would avoid lunch hour, which in France lasts from approximately noon to 2:30pm.

Viaduc des Arts

The garden is built on the bed of the tracks of an old railway line that was in operation from 1859 until 1969 between Bastille and Varenne-Saint-Maur. Artsy and ultra-trendy shops line the avenue underneath the garden. This is referred to as the Viaduc des Arts. These shops contain a wide variety of hand-crafted items such as ceramics, furniture, and even musical instruments. Even though the items are pricey, the shops are definitely worth checking out for their artistic beauty.

Back Home

Maybe a trip to Paris isn’t in the cards for you right now. So, how can you bring this type of beauty and sophistication into your everyday life? If you’re scratching your head looking for a romantic, fun date idea, why not take the time to find your own “secret promenade” close to home? Taking a romantic stroll together while discovering and enjoying nature or impressive architecture is a great way to share something intimate and special.

The best part is that an outing like this doesn’t cost much, and it will set you apart from all the other guys and girls who stick to the standard dinner and a movie date.

Taking the time to make your dates as exciting and unique as your text messages will definitely work to your advantage. Think about a romantic stroll in Paris, and then make your own hometown scenario.

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