When you find yourself attracted to someone and want to move in for the kill, what do you do? Whether you are text flirting or flirting in the flesh, take a second to carefully plan out your approach. Always keep in mind that if you are unsure of the person, or the situation, start subtle and then work your way up to something more aggressive. Read on for text flirting tips for the timid and bold alike.

The challenge: debunking flirting via text regardless of your personality. The shy among us may consider it bad news, but text flirting and the face-to-face flirting are strikingly similar! But that’s actually a good thing: You control your virtual destiny. It all boils down to which tactic you choose – being bold or staying coy.

Read on to gauge whether you have the gusto to pull off something a little bit brash.

The ANGLE – Define Your Flirty Strategy Up Front ….

So what shall it be? First, you need to take a look at the situation, where you met, and how much a “crash and burn” would impact your ego!

Flirting Via Text Strategy 1: Going All In

Sometimes being over the top charming can pay off big. But, you need to have the game, and confidence to pull it off. So, before you go all Top Gun, and start serenading women at the bar, ask yourself: are you ready for major rejection? Yes? Let your flirt flag fly!

When & Where Should You Use This Strategy?

This is a great approach in a festive atmosphere with someone who is also very outgoing and obviously very confident. If you try this tactic with a shy person than you will probably just embarrass them…definitely not the result you are looking for!

Great places for this type of face-to-face flirting are: vacations, public transportation, discos, bars and trade shows. Keep a look out for extroverts and strangers, because they are your targets.

Here are a few flirting via text examples for the bold at heart:

“If you keep on interrupting my work thoughts, I’m not going to get anything done! Then you’re definitely going to have to take me out for dinner.”

“You know, something about your eyes made me realize just how many love songs are on the radio.”

“Ever woke up from smiling too much? I had a dream about you and woke up with sore cheeks.”

“I bet your kisses are better than strawberry ice cream on a hot day.”

Flirting Via Text Strategy 2: Being Discreet

There are also times when you may want to take it slow and easy. For example if you are naturally timid, new to flirting or just out of a relationship and feeling out of practice. Or, maybe it’s the other person – are they a tad bit shy? Are you not sure if they are interested? Compliment, coo, and show a little twitterpation at how attractive they are. Everyone loves to be complimented and it’ll definitely showcase how interested you are! Now there’s a fine line between doing this and being over-the-top needy.

When & Where Should You Use This Strategy?

Location is also key and how you approach someone may depend on where you met in the first place – Hot spots for subtle flirting are gyms and other well trafficked clubs, the work place and of course, private parties.

Either way, here are a few subtle text flirting gems to keep in your back pocket for when flirting calls for a lighter hand.

“You seem like you’re always the life of the party!”

“That laugh of yours made everyone feel like their joke was a success.”

“I never realized how much I liked surprises until I met you.”

Thank you for the amazing evening. I never realized how much fun salsa dancing could be!”

Plan For The Win

And last, but not least, when whipping out your phone for some good old fashioned text flirting, don’t forget to take advantage of being able to plan out exactly what you want to say! Give yourself ample time to write a little somethin’ somethin’ that will make the lucky recipient want to read your text not once, not twice, but over and over again.

Now go out there bat your eyes at that handsome guy or girl in front of you, start testing the text flirting waters, and have fun!

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