Mid march I had the incredible opportunity to attend StyleCon in Atlanta, Georgia. It was an absolutely amazing experience. I have never been in a room with so many enthusiastic, passionate and um... well-dressed guys (it was StyleCon). Before taking off, I made sure to spend some time researching both the attendees and the presenters. After all, Atlanta is not next door. I stumbled on a really cool YouTube video from Trevor, and knew that we had to meet.

When we finally met, he was bursting with energy, had a great sense of humor and was just a really cool guy. So, I asked him if he would like to stop by and talk about the importance of a sense of humor and a positive perspective.

Enter Trevor

By now we all know that girls just wanna have fun! They enjoy, and desire the company of those that can make them laugh, and feel giddy.

Having a sense of humor, and being able to make nearly every girl laugh, has helped me create many incredible memories with more than just the young women I have been with.

We’re here to learn about interacting with women though, and as all my family knows I was not gifted with Kevin Hart’s sense of humor. I had to develop it.

So let’s start with a few tips that helped me grow to where I am today – a place where I know I can lift the spirits in total strangers.

Hang Out With Funny People

Nothing works quite like changing your environment.

I admit, I was very fortunate. My best friend WAS born with a funny bone! He was constantly making me, and everyone else around him laugh.

Meanwhile, my awkward jokes were seemingly random, and ineffective.

However, over the years I began to unravel what he was doing. He would change the lyrics of songs that were playing to match a situation. He would make sounds EXACTLY like an electrical tune, bringing themes from our favorite video games and other references on the fly. He observed the world around him, and flipped those observations around to find hilarious ironies, paradoxes, or comparisons to take people by surprise!

I never would have learned any of this if I didn’t hang out with him…

So, look around your social groups, and find the people who are making everyone else laugh. Try to spend time with them, or invite them to hang out! You can even compliment them on their skills, and just straight up ASK them for some advice.

Socializing with people who have a sense of humor will allow you to pick up different things. Over time, you’ll master their tricks, and then, eventually develop your own style.

Surrounding yourself with creative people will inspire you to open up, and start creating on your own.

You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with – Jim Rohn.

Having A Sense Of Humor Means Finding A Silver Lining

Here’s a little personal story about perspective.

So, we were on a date.

A weekend trip.

We were driving back from Minnesota along the beautiful winding roads through Eureka Springs and having a pretty damn good time.

Suddenly, I realized I missed my turn…

Classic. I served my male “not asking for directions” stereotype well.

The embarrassment, emotions and her snickering almost got to my head. Instead, with a smile, I calmly asked my date to help me find out where we were.

Less than a minute later, we found the way back to our original route. One left turn a few hours down the road and we were back on track – having added only 10 minutes to our total drive time!

Needless to say we arrived at home safely. With another funny story behind us.

Funny story? Yes. I knew it would be one the second it happened. Because I didn’t get upset and I wasn’t shy about making light of the situation.

Perspective is everything.

So when things are looking dim, take a second, and think of one way what happened can be a good thing. then, once that becomes a second-hand response, find TWO different ways the situation can be positive, or ironic, etc.

Keep reminding yourself to apply this, and have some fun with it!

Having A Sense Of Humor Means Not Taking Things So Seriously

Let’s see, I only have a few paragraphs left for world-views…

Cool. *Inhales deeply*

Everyone possesses a view on something within the world they observe that brings them some form of comfort. A “bigger picture”.

Once you get used to finding different perspectives, keeping your mind open objectively to the big picture comes naturally. You’ll begin to see that every day things happen to you that are out of your own control. However, practicing to find new perspectives, silver linings and taking a step back to look at the big picture trains your mind to find new information to take advantage of.

Essentially, this makes you adaptable. This also helps with problem-solving which, believe me, is indispensable when you are with a partner, starting a career, or in algebra 2.

While you’re learning how to brighten up that special – someone’s world, remember to laugh at yourself a little.

Growing a sense of humor is a beautiful glass half-full you can share with others. With it you’ll be able to make many people smile along the way, and they’ll always remember you for it.

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