Learning how to cope with long distance romance is essential if you’re to weather the storm and stay together. Otherwise, those feelings of longing, sadness and frustration can take over, causing you pain and heartache, and ultimately putting the brakes on the relationship.

Learning how to have a successful long distance relationship isn’t easy, but in this article I’m going to share a few of my top tips that will make it easier for you to be happy despite your partner living what feels like a million miles away.

1. Make Time To Communicate

Long distance romances can easily fall by the wayside when we don’t make the effort to communicate.

All healthy relationships are strengthened by good communication, but when it comes to long-distance relationships, devising a communication schedule is essential.

Without a communication schedule, a long distance romance can lose its power. From texting several times a day, you’re down to the odd text. Then, you’re down to texting every other day.

“I was busy, sorry,” becomes the norm.

When we live far away from our partner, communicating via text is sometimes all we have, which is why it’s so important that we use it as much as we can.

1. It’s important that you both make the time to talk to one another. Reply as soon as you can. Why wait?

2. You should also both instigate a texting conversation. Don’t wait for them to text; text first for once.

3. Plan your phone or Skype calls. Schedule various times each week when you’ll both be free.

Without a schedule, it can be hard to agree on a time to talk when you’re both free.

“I’m free tonight to talk, how about you?”

“I wish you’d have told me earlier, I’ve got plans tonight. How about tomorrow afternoon?”

“I’ll let you know.”

Some people don’t like to schedule conversations, and that’s fine in a short-distance relationship. However if you want to master how to have a successful long distance relationship, then you will need more planning, more effort and a bit more strategy.

2. Play Games Together Online

Just like you can play board games together in real life, you can also play games together online! It’s easy. All you need to do is sign up to a quiz app and start playing. One of my favorites is iPassion. It is a little spicy…but it might help you learn more about each other.

You could also play games like chess together online and have a phone conversation at the same time so that when you take their queen you spend the next ten minutes making fun of them for losing their queen to a knight.

Until they take yours with a pawn, of course.

Online quizzes are fun and inspire playful competition, banter and conversation while strengthening your bonds. Building a strong bond is one of the keys in how to have a successful long distance relationship.

3. Send Photos And Videos

In 1950, people in a long distance romance sent letters to each other. You can do that, too. But you can also send photos and videos in an instant. So why wouldn’t you?!

If you go out somewhere cool for the day, you can involve your partner and make them feel a part of things by sending them photos and videos. Take pics just for them, and include yourself in them.

Take videos of you at home, too. Show them what you’ve gotten up to today, show them your smile, engage with them. Be creative! Avoiding the mundane and being creative is one of the keys in mastering how to have a successful long distance relationship

4. Don’t Get Fixated On The Distance

Sometimes, we make a long-distance romance a lot harder than it really needs to be by fixating on it. We spend hours in bed, waiting for them to come online. We can’t leave the house just in case they come online early and we miss them. And we wouldn’t want that!

If your long-distance relationship is all you really live for, it can affect you for the worse. Your partner won’t be there all the time, which is essentially the biggest flaw in this kind of relationship. So when they’re not there, spread your wings. Go outside, meet people, do stuff. Be a social butterfly.

Your partner will be there for you when you return home.

5. Stay Positive

As great as your mobile phone is as a communication tool when it comes to keeping in touch with your partner, it can also have a detrimental effect on your relationship when you use it the wrong way.

For example, even though you miss your partner lots and lots, it’s not a good idea to keep telling them via text. It will only make them feel guilty and helpless, and won’t improve the situation.

Avoid Depressing Texts

Hold back from sending too many depressing texts. Instead, keep things positive. Even if you don’t feel positive, be positive anyway. It will make them feel better, and will keep the relationship strong and healthy.

If, however, you really can’t bring yourself to send a positive text message, put your phone aside and do something else. Go for a walk, read a book. Stay away from your phone until you’re in better spirits.

These were five tips on how to have a successful long distance relationship. Got any you’d like to add? Feel free to leave a comment below!

Claudia Cox

Claudia Cox is a modern communication expert who gives singles and couples alike the tools they need to improve their relationships. She is the creator of The Text Weapon Texting Club, and the author of French Seduction Made Easy. She loves the outdoors, baking tasty treats for friends, and of course, texting.

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